Text and performance: Alana Rosa

Direction: Débora Balardini

Special participation: Adilson Mol (Poem "Eros e Psiquê" de Fernando Pessoa)

One of the metaphors that Alana Rosa uses to express her urgency and existence in life, starting from the idea of being born (birth in the literal and also artistic sense) and going to a point that extends between lucidity and the madness of feeling life as something so intense that it hurts ... "I create a mental map that connects me to happiness ...". The text comes from fragments of poems and thoughts written by Alana inspired by new landscapes of the artist and also of poems that research for the experimentation of its own theater, which deals all the time with reality and fantasy, the organic and the alternative, the feminine and the primitive. After an invitation from Alana Rosa to Debora Balardini a year ago, finally, the two artists came together to do the first job, considered still in the process of development. After less than two months and 18 hours together, Meu Vazio é o Movimento (My Void is the Movement) is born and creates wings to grow from now on wherever it may be.


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